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We make contacts between buyers & sellers and they decide on the deal. If they are in same locality then they can take care for delivery. Alternatively, buyer can deposit the money with our call centre and seller can deliver the product to our call centre. Seller collects the money from call centre. Similarly buyer will collect the product from call centre. If product in bought from far off location then call centres will work as courier service to deliver product but online payment is to be made by buyer to seller.

We have seen during Anna's movement that everybody wants to transform society but that movement got dithered due to lack of leadership. Our platform will create thousands of Annas who will work at grass root level instead of a centralized leader who sometimes gets deviated from core issues. Core issues for Public is unemployment, poverty & corruption. Our platform will support anybody who wants to fight for these core issues.


Philanthropy is nice thing to do. Great people always do some work for have nots. You can find innumerable people like Bill Gates, Azim Premji, Tata,  Birla and so on. You will see the benefits of it when you start doing it. If 500 million middle class people help one person each then India will become free of poverty. It is not necessary to help financially. You can talk to them and give some guidance for their kids' education, employment, sickness etc. See if you can offer some work to them. You go to mandir/maszid/church for confession. It will be a great confession if you can call a BPL person once a month and share their pain with you. You can guide and console them. It will certainly help them and you will have sense of satisfaction. You will get rid of many diseases  (B.P., tension, sugar, diabetes, obesity etc.) which are related to affluence. You can find the person of your choice in any corner in India based on your preferences.


Some intelligent people do most stupid things in life and some stupid people do some beautiful things in life. A beautiful idea can come from the most stupid person. If you have some idea which can help us in taking forward our vision/mission then please write to us. We will reward your idea after evaluation.

Anybody can have a great idea. Many ideas get unnoticed due to lack of follow up or resource crunch. If you think your idea is unique & financially viable, we will reward it and take it forward.


We see corruption everywhere in our daily life. Sometimes we are also party to it. Anybody can make a video clip on his/her mobile when he observes anything shaming to society. Unemployed youths can buy/borrow a hidden camera from our call centre and make a video of  corrupt official. He should hand over the video to our call centre. Call centre will contact the erring officials and negotiate the terms of settlement. If erring official does not agree then we will make the video public by hosting it in our shaming video gallery. Number of corrupt officials will automatically reduce once they have fear that someone is watching them.


Aam Aadmi is not always on internet. He is always busy in work. You can find everything in internet but you need to search & spend data pack.  We are providing all the requirements of daily use in one platform. Aam Aadmi can call our call centre & places the request. Rest is taken care by us. Khas Aadmi can place a request though internet. We have provided important links which are very useful in daily life for everybody. There is no need to surf internet for long hours.


We do not encourage unofficial channel of money lending but people need money and banks normally do not support the have nots. Banks provide personal loans to well off people. Micro financiers can register with us as money lender. People who need money they can request us to borrow money. We will send message to moneylenders in his area. Moneylenders will call the interested person to negotiate the deal. People can get loans at lower rate due to competition and moneylenders will get more business. He can avail more personal loan from banks if he generates more business.


Generally poor people associated with animal keeping do not have scientific knowledge of caring/treatment for animals. Seasonal diseases kill their animal which costs them heavily. They can request for veterinary doctor through our platform & doctor will get SMS for contacting the requester. They can discuss the details & treatment as may be required. 


Government runs many schemes where you need to make SHG to get the financial assistance. If you want to start a SHG, you need to arrange the members before applying for SHG. If you want to start a SHG, just register with us. People who are interested in your SHG can request for your SHG. We will send SMS to SHG for contacting the interested party. SHG & interested member may discuss the details about SHG.


NGOs need volunteers for their activities. They can register with us and our website users can place a request for volunteership in any NGO. SMS will be sent to a particular NGO operating in requester's locality to contact him. They can negotiate the terms & conditions to get involved.


One can become rich either by earning more or by saving more. We will encourage people to earn more and save more by innovative methods associated with digital India theme. People who are below poverty line are earning Rs 30 per day. By any means if their earning is raised above this figure then number of poor people will start reducing. We have a tab to get your suggestion for poverty alleviation. Anybody can put a suggestion and we as team will work on it. We have registered people below poverty line as BPL candidate. They need help from all of us to come above BPL. You can talk to them, suggest something to do or help them directly. During our college time, we used to go to poor households for teaching their kids but left it because nobody was leading the campaign.

How to alleviate poverty-

Poverty is spread all over the country especially in villages. Villages are the building blocks of any country, including India. If a country is a body, then villages are its cells and to keep the body healthy it's necessary that it's cells function properly as well. 

When Bharatvarsh became India, many people from all communities migrated to cities and flourished there in all fields after lots of struggle. After independence, these people among all groups found government jobs and they became upper class in there own class/ caste. Now all the benefits of government schemes is going to all these people ( be it reservation for jobs, education, politics, shops, license etc ). When there is no job in villages, people start migrating to cities to work for their survival and this migration causes nothing but more economical and social problems for them.

We do not know how we can break this vicious cycle of poverty. Poors will keep on producing poors, hence, no government can eradicate poverty until poors themselves decide to come out of this circle. Innovative ways are required so that villagers can save enough money for their kids' education, housing & old age requirement. is an initiative where we are trying to provide a way forward for people who are not utilising their capabilities to generate more money. We are also encouraging them to save more money by optimizing expenditure. Poor people can come out of poverty cycle either by generating more income or by saving on expenditure. We have listed services which are suited to them in their day to day life. By following our guidelines they can save money on education, marriages, medical expenses, government services etc. Also, they can find work which is suited to their calibre. They can get the source of income in their mobile.

If you have some idea which can help our people who are poor to come out of the vicious cycle of poverty then please write to us. It will be a great service towards your nation. We look forward to your ideas!


There are hundreds of websites where you can register as employee or employer and you will be approached by them whenever required. Every time you need a service, you need to surf the internet. You waste lot of money for internet connection. In our website, you have to register once & later on you will keep getting the SMS /e-mail in your mobile whenever your services are required by someone until your registration expires . Our call centers will be available on mobile for any interfacing activity.