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Message From COO

Each one of us is capable. Everybody has something to offer. Unfortunately every one does not have an opportunity to show his or her excellence. Internet has given opportunity to upward looking middle class to imbibe skills and encash them. People who do not access internet on daily basis are left behind. Through we are making sincere efforts to provide online platform for the people who are in the bottom of the pyramid.

Customers can register them as service provider in the field of their interest. SMS will be sent to registered service provider whenever his service is requested by someone in his locality. This service is highly beneficial to professionals who are working in unorganized sector. Many students are from poor background who want to do some part-time job to earn for their daily expenses. They can look for such jobs through this site.
Daily wage workers can get SMS from the service requester from his locality so he need not to waste his time in search of work. Generally service provider & requester waste lot of time & money to look for each other. They can use this platform while sitting in their home.
Many people in villages want to send their children for better education in cities but they have no idea to manage for admission, accommodation, tuitions for their kids. They can request for these services through this platform from his nearby city by making a call in our call centre. Service provider in his locality will help them out.
Many people do not have knowledge for availing government services. This platform will provide easy access for everybody to use others' services available in their locality.
There are many car owners who are sitting idle at home and car is also staying unused for most of the time. They might be interested to serve as pick up & drop agent in their locality. People can use their services instead of calling a taxi. Similarly many housewives may like to start dabba services, tailoring, beautician from their home. People can use their services using this platform.
In villages people have lot of things ( livestock, grains, fruits, vegetables etc.) to sell but there is lack of market for them. They can quote these items in this platform and interested people can contact them for purchasing. There is lack of guides for making matrimonial relations in villages. People generally use their relatives to guide them for such works. This platform can be used for locating the experts in marry making in a particular locality.
Banks do not sanction loans to farmers until 10% commission is paid to bank officials. Illiterate people need to get humiliated by bank employees for getting their cheques encashed. Some one of us can start working as nodal agent in dealing these issues. People won't mind paying small fee to him if they can get bank services without wasting time & bribing bank officials.

Digital India is going to change face of India. E-commerce has become a buzzword. Small companies have multiplied their turnover many times. Customers have been more than satisfied due to discounts & ease of doing business. However, e-commerce is restricted to convent educated smart phone holders. Through this website we are trying to extend e-commerce to lowest level to our society. All you need to do is register for our services. We will ensure that services provided through this platform will be economical to everyone of us. Registered members will get benefits of e-commerce without browsing on the internet. Only a call from their registered mobile is enough to generate business for them. They need not to consume their internet data pack for browsing. Many people are highly cost conscious & they can not afford expenses for internet connection. This website will serve such people along with smart phone savvy consumers. E-commerce companies do not serve in towns/ small cities. We serve everybody/everywher. Our call centres will manage delivery of goods between themselves at nominal fee.