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One of the most predominant problems why our country, India, has not really been able to develop enough through these years, in spite of being known as 'the golden sparrow' once upon a time is POVERTY. It is not hidden from anybody that around 30% of the country's population is below poverty line (BPL). At, we are trying to make a difference. Our team has pledged to help out as many people as we can to get a better means of living, by giving everybody job opportunities. We are giving everybody an online portal to find apt jobs for themselves near them. This portal is available all over the country and can be accessed by anybody. Our sisters and brothers living in the rural side of the country can use our service by visiting our nearest centers and also to know more about us.We are not a charity. Our vision is to make every citizen in this country self dependent. And hence we appreciate maximum support from all our fellow Indians. Join hands with us and do your bit in making your country, not the better, but the best in the world.